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Each child is unique!
Each child has the ability to improve!

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ECI STORE offers quality toys reviewed by child experts!
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We are a growth provider of early childhood education services.

Offering a renowned play-based ELDA curriculum and assessments (Ages 0-5 years),a leading pre-school management APP.
Accredited online short courses and
& a ECD NQF L4 qualification.

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SAToyTrade specialize in teaching aids, therapeutic aids and equipment, educational products, school equipment, furniture, learning aids and stationery supplies. With more than 40 SA Toy Trade franchises countrywide, they are expanding rapidly. The company delivers or post nationwide directly to your post office, school, practice or organisation no matter where you are in South Africa. SAToyTrade believes in providing the best possible educational products. Customers include baby houses, pre-primary, primary & secondary schools, charity organisations, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, kinderkineticists, play therapists, social workers as well as dedicated parents and grandparents.


Our comprehensive product range offers a wide assortment of quality products for children of all ages and abilities. We offer a varied selection of educational products including educational toys, games, classroom & home-schooling resources & therapeutic tools.

By living up to our motto, "Having Fun, Growing Minds" Playing and Learning will cater for all your child’s fun and learning needs, whether in the classroom, in therapy or at home. We have a special interest in toys & games for children across the range of special needs and if you are looking for something in particular, we are happy to source it for you.


Sense•able Play is a proudly South African company, that was started with one question, during a conversation “I wish you could put your ideas in a box for me, I would buy it!”. That was the start of a beautiful new chapter, the first box was developed, Baby Stimulation Box 1.0.

Sense•able specialises in sensory products which encourage home based, one on one, educational & physical stimulation from 2 months onwards. All our products are developed by a registered therapist and mom, with your litte ones development at heart.